Win at Craps in 4 rolls or Less

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Win at Craps in 4 rolls or Less is a craps strategy from my Dice Advice series. In Dice Advice I will show viewer submitted strategies and roll them. In Season 2 Episode 9 I show the Field Hop Strategy. This is a craps strategy that utilizes the field bet and hop bets on the 5 and either 6 or 8. After rolls and you avoid the 7 and either the 6/8 you will have a profit. Then you can place the 6/8 and have all numbers covered except for the 7, Thank you to Leigh N. for the strategy.

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Win at Craps in 4 rolls or Less

10 thoughts on “Win at Craps in 4 rolls or Less

  1. The field payout for 12 pays tripple at Venetian which is on the strip.

  2. Jerry, I know the hard ways is a bad bet in general. But I use the term only when tipping for the dealers. Most of the time I just place the tip on the odds bet behind the line. As a dealer, where would you prefer players lay your tips?

  3. I know the videos are 20 minutes but this is 5 minutes per roll. πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜†

    So.why is he waiting for the point?

  4. Seems like it would work with a bigger field bets and hop the 5,6,8 iron cross hopper

  5. After many many years playing craps ( grew up in AC with a fake ID at 16) at this point watching for at least a cycle around the table and taking note of who's throwing fairly solid rolls.Not until I get a feel for the 🎲 flow, hot or cold do I jump in/ patience and methodical. There's ebbs and flows and your intuition is the πŸ—οΈ and recognizing those windows of opportunity after a cold cycle.The dice are chaotic put somewgat predictable in that you can feel when a number is due to land during a shoot or coming out.I like mixing it up with pass and the donts and staying at the minimum utilizing the Martingale is choice. Love the hoppers when your feeling a number is do and riding it til it does. Nice strategy here. I've been a member of the craps fan club for over 30 years and finally have dialed in my intuition to where I'm walking with a profit 70% of my sessions.

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