Win More at craps with Less Money, #winning Craps

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#Winning More Money at Craps
Can you win more money with less exposure? Lets take a single $18 bet plus our pass line bet, and see if we can win a decent amount of money for that initia; exposure.

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Win More at craps with Less Money, #winning Craps

5 thoughts on “Win More at craps with Less Money, #winning Craps

  1. I have played with you in Biloxi. I generally play this conservative strategy. Currently I am practicing a anything but 64, where I lay 300 on the 10, 20 to 24 on rest of box numbers and 50 on hard ten using a 2332 set always working. Its a variation of Jacob Wager Me This. So far has been profitable after 300 tosses, but will continue to around 2000 tosses for final determination. I will practice at Treasure Bay on slow mornings, practically live next door, to see my results over a period of time with that set just betting a minimum pass or DP, so that I get good data for that table before I hit them with a large bankroll. I enjoy your videos and you give excellent advice.

  2. That 6246 set seems to work very well, especially for hitting sixes as I have done in my current practice session. You are definitely making me rethink some adjustments I may have to do. The less exposure is always better. Hope to see you at the tables in the future.

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