$5,300 DAY 2! MILLIONS MAIN EVENT | PokerStaples Stream Highlights

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We made Day 2 of the Millions Main Event! With over $890,000 up top, this is easily one of the biggest tournaments I’ve been apart of in years. Please enjoy the highlight from this incredible day of poker!


Thanks all and see you back soon!

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Thanks all!

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$5,300 DAY 2! MILLIONS MAIN EVENT | PokerStaples Stream Highlights

10 thoughts on “$5,300 DAY 2! MILLIONS MAIN EVENT | PokerStaples Stream Highlights

  1. What a scam is online poker lmao unbelievable,daylight robbery hahaha good video Jaime respect man

  2. What happened to this guy getting healthy? Jesus, he's ballooned to humongous

  3. Why you call for no spades on the JQss hand… YOU WANTED THE 9 OF SPADES

  4. Я один увидел подкрученное гсч у пухлого 😆?

  5. It's almost as if people watch your vids and than know when to attack or let you overplay…..Strange

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