$15,000 Pot and I Have ACES! | Poker Vlog #53

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I’m headed to the Wynn to play high stakes with fellow poker vloggers and content creators. Enjoy!

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$15,000 Pot and I Have ACES! | Poker Vlog #53

10 thoughts on “$15,000 Pot and I Have ACES! | Poker Vlog #53

  1. We have all counted our cards wrong for the straight, especially in a long session. I paused it and you did what I would of done and bet 1.2k and turn it into a bluff. 😒let’s see what’s happens πŸ˜†

  2. Great thought processes, keep it up and you'll be crushing with the best of em!

    Just don't lose that positive energy, it's easy in poker to let the mis-regs suck the soul outta ya, keep smiling you got this!

  3. You have a wonderful personality but as I was watching your live stream, I feel like people know how you play. Lynn pushed you in that hand when she had a pair of sevens and when you had the winner, you just folded and I think at bigger staked games you could get easily get pushed around. Just my honest opinion. Trust your reads and if big stake games don’t allow you to play, then stick to the lower stake games till you are able to make those calls. Know your size. 25:49

  4. In the QJ hand.. do we things Jack with the Q of spades maybe actually a great bet call here on river if we think she has bluffs . You block one of the flush combos she plays like this, hard to imagine much two pair going for this line with you blocking AJ and the others rarely getting calls from worse. Run into 89 sometimes but sometimes that check raises turns or leads river. Any thought on it as a bet call instead of a check on river? I could be way off.. rooting for you to own her back!

  5. It's so much better when you block 🚫 out your opponents' hands. There's no way we can think clearly about the hand when we see the opponents' cards. Thank you a lot!

  6. 19:30 when you go for value against Lynne when you river the jack – πŸ₯°. For exactly the reasons you say: she is a total calling station, and you let them get away with it by checking down rivers like this.

    I don't care if she shows up with KJ here – great bet.

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