5 Poker Hands Only Fish Play (Just Fold These!)

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Please do not play these 5 poker hands. Only amateurs and fishy players play these 5 hands.

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5 Poker Hands Only Fish Play (Just Fold These!)

10 thoughts on “5 Poker Hands Only Fish Play (Just Fold These!)

  1. Do you play any of these 5 hands? Also, here is the advanced bluffing strategy most don't know about: https://youtu.be/qGIPAgfJSO0

  2. @4:03 you talk about 9 outs for the flush draw, and then an "additional 8 outs" for the straight draw, but obviously it's only 6 additional (because otherwise you'd be counting a couple of these outs twice). I feel like someone on your level wouldn't make this error unless it was a comment-bait troll?

  3. People forever call 3 bets or shoves with ace rag vs my queen's Kings etc and literally 90 % of the time if by magic there's the ace … so enfuriating when endless bad play forever rewarded online ..

  4. Call me a fish if you want. But small pocket pairs are easily the most profitable hands I play. I always bet when folded or limped to. Then if I hit my set my goal is to try and get all of my opponents money in the middle. Which usually isn't hard to do. You also have to be conscious of coordinated boards. So say you're playing 5c5s and the board come 5h7h9d. That flop in its self isn't to scary. But if the turn comes something like 8h. You are now losing to TJ or 2 hearts. If I don't hit my flop I normally get out of the way when there is any aggression. But a small % of the time I will bluff with my small pocket pair. It just depends on the board, position, and the opponents.

  5. Enjoy the content, but I swear I've seen videos almost identical to this one multiple times in the past.

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