5 Poker Tells You Can EXPLOIT For Easy Poker Profits

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5 Poker Tells You Can EXPLOIT For Easy Poker Profits

Drinking or talking while being in a hand is something every Live Poker Player noticed at some point, but what can you but what can you derive from it and how do you adjust your playing style accordingly?
Today we take a look at 5 concrete examples and Fedor Holz tells you what you can learn out of them!
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5 Poker Tells You Can EXPLOIT For Easy Poker Profits

10 thoughts on “5 Poker Tells You Can EXPLOIT For Easy Poker Profits

  1. Thos guy he calls him lol that's Eric Afriat prob one of best wpt players around lol

  2. Most I’ve seen is the opposite, probably 15-20 times they have a pair but they are nervous about it that’s why they drink. Nervous tick

  3. You can’t teach someone how to look for tells…..seriously…..that comes from years and years of experience….

  4. Problem is at low stakes this can work. I've tried acting strong when I'm strong and it generates insta folds

  5. It seems like in the current meta "panicked drinking" became a trend when bluffing

  6. The green juice one was funny and clearly that guy was searching for anything to keep busy but in general the drink one is good and has some additional evidence based in the monopoly study. In a study where they rigged the game in favor of one person without telling either participant who would automatically win to test if the winner would attribute their win to luck or skill (spoiler all winners attributed their victory to personal decision making and not luck 😂) but one interesting side finding was that while winning people would showcase dominant behavior with the researchers leaving a bowl of pretzels out (one pairing even surmised correctly that the bowl put there for some reason but know exactly why). Winners would behave more dominantly throughout the game, making themselves bigger AND consuming the pretzels as both a subconscious primitive form of dominance by consumption (money accumulation is a form of consumption like eating in the wild) where losers would never feel comfortable eating any pretzels while losing. I would guess that consuming food or a drink while in a hand would suggest they are not nervous (nervous people don’t consume calories as their body teeming with stress hormones) whereas the relaxed person is quenching every need with no worries in the world and consumes more resources much like the rich in their daily behavior.

  7. I recall Antonio Esfandiari did a reverse acting tell in a preflop 4/5 bet situation with something like 53s and got his opponent to fold a good hand, truly amazing by Antonio lol

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