He Puts MATUSOW On TILT! [Amazing Poker Read!]

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The undercard of the Negreanu vs Persson High Stakes Duel was another match the poker fans wanted to see. Shaun Deeb took on Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow and this poker hand shows why this was a match we didn’t want to miss!

Jonathan talks about how Shaun Deeb’s raise with 63o is not GTO approved but can be used as an exploit if Deeb believes that Matusow is going to limp and then fold too frequently from the button. He could also do it if he believes that Matusow will be tight and passive post flop which will result in Deeb winning a larger % of these inflated pots.

Jonathan thinks that Matusow’s float with 9 high on the KJ3r board is far too lose considering he has two undercards to the board and not a very strong backdoor straight draw. If Matusow had a backdoor flush draw then it becomes a much more reasonable float on the flop. With this particular float Matusow must have some plans on the turn and river to run a big bluff!

Jonathan does think that bluffing with this particular hand may mean that Matusow is likely over bluffing in these situations as he does not pick up any additional equity on the turn but still decides to bluff. Shaun Deeb is a world class poker player and is not someone that you should be drastically over bluffing against! Matusow finds this out as Deeb makes a very good call on the turn with his relatively weak third pair.

The Jc river is a terrible card for Matusow to continue telling his story as there are not many hands that do not contain a king or a jack in Deeb’s range by the river. Deeb may also call weaker on this river as a bet from Matusow narrows his value range to strong kings and jacks which isn’t many poker hands!

Jonathan does believe that Deeb made a good call but it wasn’t as amazing as some hero calls that other poker players have made. Deeb has a great hand to bluff catch with in a heads up match!

Get ready for an intense poker battle in the PokerGo High Stakes Duel #4! This tournament hand features Matusow on the button with 9d8h and Deeb in the big blind with 6h3s. With a $10,000 buy-in and blinds at 300/600, the stakes are high. Deeb raises to 2,500, and Matusow makes the call. The pot is now at 5,000 as the flop reveals Kd Jh 3c. Deeb takes the initiative and bets 1,400, which Matusow calls. The pot grows to 7,800. The turn brings the 2h, and Deeb decides to check. Matusow seizes the opportunity and bets 4,100, with Deeb making the call. The pot now stands at 16,000. The river card is the Jc, and Deeb checks once again. Matusow makes a calculated move and bets 7,500. Deeb contemplates his options and eventually calls. The pot reaches a massive 31,000 chips. Tune in to the PokerGo High Stakes Duel #4 to see who takes down this thrilling hand and emerges victorious in the high-stakes battle!

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He Puts MATUSOW On TILT! [Amazing Poker Read!]

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  1. Who do YOU think Mike Matusow should play next in the High Stakes Duel?! 🤔

  2. No Show. It felt like a betting pattern hand. Matusow limped the flop and bet the turn. Screams draw more than a sneaky J . A Jack holder would re-raise the flop and shut it down there. Then smash the River bet. $7500 felt like a 'I'm prepared to lose this much but no more ' bet to try and push a weaker hand off the table.

  3. Shaun Deeb is starting to look more and more like a larger version of Alec Baldwin.

  4. Why should he show if he doesn't have to? Id show if i thought it would help tilt Matusow but that's easy.

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