5 Signs You Are A LOSING Poker Player

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A losing #poker player is easy to spot, especially since they tend to do most of the things in this video! See how the things they say, the ways they think, and the limitations in their overall poker strategy almost guarantee they won’t be profitable in the long run. If you’re making any of these mistakes, it’s time to put in a little extra study!

0:00 5 Ways To Spot A Losing Poker Player
0:54 Sign 1 – Words Like Always And Never
1:57 Sign 2 – Cannot Be Objective
3:45 Sign 3 – Super Reactive
5:29 Sign 4 – Losses Are Never Their Fault
6:57 Sign 5 – F The Math
10:06 Fixing These Leaks


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5 Signs You Are A LOSING Poker Player

10 thoughts on “5 Signs You Are A LOSING Poker Player

  1. If you NEVER want to be the biggest fish at the poker table, enroll in CORE and do a few lessons per week: https://redchippoker.com/launch-core This is the best course for beginner-intermediate players looking to overhaul their strategy.

  2. #1 mistake, playing on rigged online sites. Runner, runner, river card suck outs defended by designated resident poker rats.

  3. Folding KK pre flop is -EV in the long run. If they have aces then it's just a cooler

  4. Haha. Makes it so much more insulting narrated in such a deadpan, calm, and even tone

  5. This just reminds me of a hand a couple weeks back. I had Ace's and after the flop realized I should have made it bigger preflop, lost a big pot and talking through it had the moment where I got raised and the person behind me cold called. I should have realized I was beat but got married to the aces.

  6. You had my attention until the “feel” part. What a crock of crap! You can’t apply math to an unknown flop, turn, or River, and be anywhere accurate. Also, if the math adds up to a 50/50 chance in a certain situation, then what? You go by FEEL!

    I think THE WORSE THING young poker players can do is to watch these poker tutorial videos. It’s confusing as hell and will have you questioning your game and ignoring gut instinct. Most Creators are just that, really talented Creators, but they suck at poker!

    But, what do I know, I just make a living playing poker!

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