Amazing Secret To Winning At Video Poker – Without A Strategy!

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Here’s the absolute ‘secret’ to winning more at video poker – without using a strategy. Complete details shared in this three-minute video. If you don’t have time to practice video poker strategy, this is the way to go. Watch and learn how to make your casino gambling pay off better than ever.

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Amazing Secret To Winning At Video Poker – Without A Strategy!

10 thoughts on “Amazing Secret To Winning At Video Poker – Without A Strategy!

  1. This might sound very logical, but the honest truth is video poker is very addicting and you will lose your ass. So if you are young don't even start or just quit.

  2. There's no secret to winning on VP other than playing perfect strategy and knowing the pay tables. I play perfect strategy each time I play. I do win more often than I lose, but sometimes the cards just don't come up. I lost my ass Monday st Harrah's even though I was playing perfectly. Cards didn't pop up. It is addicting because it's so fast, so watch out.

  3. This is such idiocy folks. You can play a machine with a great paytable, but if you don't know the strategy, you are just throwing your money away. You can play a blacjack game with the most favorable rules available, but if you don't know basic strategy, you might as well wipe your ass with the money. Trust the math. Don't trust morons like this guy ^

  4. This video is misleading. I mean, it doesn't matter what the paytable is if you don't know the correct way to play the hands. And a good paytable alone isn't going to make you a winner. Even someone playing full pay Deuces Wild which has a 100.76% payback could lose a bundle fast, and that's even if they knew what they were doing.

  5. Pay tables in the 9/6 or flush and full house are largely irrelevant if your good and have a little bankroll. Quads are what makes a video poker session a winner or a loser most of the time,but other options exist. The floating hands like the straight,the flush and the boat maintain your bankroll a little longer. The key is to understand the cycles of hands in the game type and get lucky in all video poker. Bonus deluxe pays 400 for any quad yet nothing for 2 pair and weak on the flush and full house. The 4 of a kind counteracts this though in that game type Jacks or better 9/6 however only pays pays 125 for 4 of a kind and 1/2 or 10 for 2 pair. You will still have down swings in this game and on a good session be down 60 or even before you hit 125. With deluxe your often down 220 credits Before the quads hit as the game has more variance and can go even deeper. In double double bonus the variance is even larger and only a specific hand AAAA pays 800 and it's cycle is the 5,000 range and AAAA2 with kicker 16,000+ cycle. This game becomes a true jackpot slot machine with lower quads in the 650 hand range cycle only paying 250. In general Bonus deluxe has a 411 hand quad cycle and it's the same as 9/6 but only pays 125 vs 400. The key to be good is general timing hand hand counting with game and bet variations not basic strategy.

    Quad cycles are a long term phenomena yet seem to hold true in the 1,800 range which is 4 hours. The cycle for a full house is 92.5 knowing this is key because around this range switching to dbb bonus and jumping to 1.25 to 2.50 cents and getting lucky pays 90 in relation to the status your on if you get lucky in say 3 spins. It's all relative to cycles Joker pokers quad cycle is 116.9 sporadically playing this game gives you options at a 60 or a 100 payout more frequently and a very short cycle. Deuces wild pays 20 or 25 with it's core of the game being 4 of a kind in a cycle of 15.9 knowing this is key with a keen mind because even a standard flush in most games is 92 hand per cycle. For instance your playing your standard game type and float over there 12 times for nothing at break even or a loss at 1.25. With a solid bankroll you can pump it as a gamble for 5 dollars,or even 25 dollars bet 5 credits and if quads occur you win 20 bucks,or 100 at a higher hit frequency all counteracting your session to a plus ev. You then just pump along at your game type waiting for quads preferably bonus poker deluxe which pays 400 and sometimes happens twice withing a 80 hand differential huge payout. Overall just playing 9/6 if you can find it is lowball video poker and even after 10,000 hands you will be down in the thousands of credits if you don't hit a Royal. Using various game types and betting strategy can manipulate the pay scale in your favor for consistent short term wins more so such as 12 session 8 wins 4 losses. It's the ever ending journey to the royal otherwise it's just losing until you hit it and as we know the cycle for that 45+ thousand.

  6. Delete video poker app now . That shows a dad holding his baby , love that bastard👎

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