How To Play Online Roulette & WIN

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This video is going to walk you through my own personal online roulette strategies that have helped me win thousands of dollars playing live roulette at various online casinos.

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0:00 Introduction
0:38 Rule #1: Only Play Live Roulette
1:08 Rule #2: Only Bet On Black, Red, Odd OR Even
1:38 Rule #3: Take Breaks Often
2:06 Rule #4: Don’t Play Roulette For Longer Than 45 Minutes At A time
2:40 Rule #5: Go Big On Your First Few Bets
3:17 Rule #6: Have A Number That You Can Afford To Lose
4:19 Conclusion

🔞 Please gamble responsibly. We do not promote underage gambling.
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How To Play Online Roulette & WIN

10 thoughts on “How To Play Online Roulette & WIN

  1. Very interesting video and good tips about how to win online roulette 👍,thanks for your time and useful video.

  2. best tips or advice for me. gambling is really a game of how to control yourself.

  3. i was looking for it and you have complete my search. I learned how can i play Roulette. Keep posting such videos..

  4. I agree 100% with your tips; especially tip #6. Whenever I play baccarat in a live casino I have a certain amount of money I am willing to lose. Whatever I earn doesn't add up to my set amount (usually $400). Once I have finished betting the amount I have set, I leave the table. It's a win win for me because even if I lost all my betting money, I was willing to lose it anyway. If I win les than what I started with then it ain't bad too. And if I win more than what I started with, then it was a fun and rewarding game! You just need to be able to control yourself.

    These are really great tips man. Looking forward to seeing more videos from you. CHEERS!

  5. stop loss, stop when your at 3rd of your bankroll, or if you like martingaling stop after 4th martingale loss and leave, walking out of casino with some cash is better than leaving with zero thats miserable feeling and dont come back till youve got some spare cash to play with. and if you walk out with stop loss take that 3rd bank roll put it aside never touch it keep stacking stop loss cash eventually you'll have a nice wod of notes. addicts are pagans to begin with the ones that use credit cards, play with money they shouldnt be using or using all there job wages or bill funds those are pagans who are arse holes no matter what they do.

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  7. You’ve earned a new subscriber for this video alone!A lot I already new and some I didn’t know.

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