Titan Poker – Live 50NL Session – Poker Strategy

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Titan Poker – Live 50NL Session – Poker Strategy

10 thoughts on “Titan Poker – Live 50NL Session – Poker Strategy

  1. U.S. poker is NOT back! No reputable poker site offers games for U.S. players. Sure, I can play at these shady sites that takes months to withdrawal. WOOPY!

  2. that depends on ur game. if u like to make it half pot np in situations like this np.

  3. cool. how quickly can you release the bonus by playing 4-tabling 50NL speed poker? like how many $ per hour could you release, assuming you play a solid TAG strategy?

  4. @wdnxccb sit and goes are my favorite, playing with real money actually makes you play properly. you can get 5 pounds from this poker site get it here -> bit.ly/14REaBw?=cpvcvp

  5. i got freerolled on bovada for $25 built it up to $100 playing those damn 1.10 SNGs (i wouldnt recommend it lol) and i withdrew $50 just to make sure i wasnt wasting my time n guess what i got a check in like 8-9 days for $50 and it was deposited w/o problem =] ive got a $5 6 handed SNG vid on my chan….no commentary tho just play and a podcast in the background…study up on ur options and follow the deposit/withdraw instructions exactly and u should b ok….GL out there

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