Tips for Playing Poker for the First Time

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If you’re new to poker, this video is for you! I am going to teach you the rules of the game, poker hand rankings, and a basic strategy to get you started playing! After this video, you will feel comfortable playing with friends and family, charity events, and fun home games.

The most important thing to do as you begin to play poker is to have fun! Do not get overwhelmed or devastated if you lose, just enjoy the experience.

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Tips for Playing Poker for the First Time

5 thoughts on “Tips for Playing Poker for the First Time

  1. Thx JL! I posted this for my beginners that I have at my local Senior Citizen Center. I started with 3, now up to 18 that attend every Thursday morning. Visual learning for Seniors is a great tool!

  2. Even though I have a bit of experience playing NLH, this video did clarify some terminology and concepts for me. Thank You Jonathan!

  3. Thank you! Just what I need to try to persuade my girlfriends to play wth me – I find it so hard to get any girls to try! It's great fun playing with the guys but they do get so serious! (Especially if they lose!)

  4. Really great video Jonathan! Showed it to my gf and the first thing she said after viewing if for the first time (I've been trying to learn her the basics of NL) was: "I gotta watch this again, this was really good!" So, big thank you for this.
    She's even talking about opening her own account…… 🙂

  5. This is a great video. I played thousands of hours of SnG between 2005 – 2010 ( $10 up to $30 SnG). I've hardly looked at poker since. I've got the poker bug again, so I'm starting right back from the start as if I'm a newbie. Obviously I still remember a lot but I'm trying to approach things as if I'm a complete newbie. Thanks .

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