Stop Mindlessly Betting Half Pot!

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Weekly Poker Hand, Episode 263: Hero made the correct decision as to whether or not to bet on the flop, but he used a wrong sizing. Don’t mindlessly bet half pot!

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Stop Mindlessly Betting Half Pot!

10 thoughts on “Stop Mindlessly Betting Half Pot!

  1. He must b new at he did everything wrong. Thanks Jon 4 great video & website and most importantly making beatiful boys lol

  2. Hey Jon! I just signed up for the free trial on pokercoaching . com and was checkin out your charts. Are the 100BB deep charts for cash or tournaments? Cause if they are for tourneys I've already found a leak of mine.

  3. I think this turn presents an overbet situation, opponent seems capped at KQ on the flop and the turn is a brick, I like a 2x pot bet with KQ+ and an equal number of bluff combos. I'd prefer to have position to make 44 less likely but rest of overbet criteria is there

  4. Hi Jonnathan! I'm a PC student and i have a great hand to you. Snowie told me to do one thing, but my read on the villain was the opposite of the Snowie advice. Typical GTO x Exploitative scenario. There's any chance you use it in Weekly poker hand? Would be great! TY!

  5. couldn't an argument be made that you block villain having a ten or king, and also villain didn't raise pre, so it is likely he has a middling hand or maybe draw that can't really call a big bet on the flop?

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