Tournaments vs Cash Games – Which Should YOU Play?

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The name of the game may always be Texas Hold’em, but how a profitable poker player approaches poker tournaments as opposed to cash games differs greatly.

Today, I discuss the differences between tournaments and cash games, and share with you all that you need to know to decide which variation to specialize in.

It wouldn’t make sense for a tournament poker player to study cash game preflop charts and solvers, and it certainly wouldn’t be in a cash game player’s best interest to experiment with push/fold ranges and short stack strategy. Other than the way each style of no-limit Texas Hold’em is played, being profitable in cash games or tournaments requires proper poker study within each specialty. While personal preference should always be considered, recognize what poker games you have an edge in and work to improve your game.

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Tournaments vs Cash Games – Which Should YOU Play?

10 thoughts on “Tournaments vs Cash Games – Which Should YOU Play?

  1. ONLY 1 reason Sit-N-Gos have died: Black Friday. Make online Poker legal in all 50 states then watch!!

  2. i play online tourneys and some online cash but i typically stay in the smaller buy in cash games online vs live cash because the players are better online than live.

  3. CG is way more exciting than tourneys and the more consistent routine is so much better than spending 2/3rds of your time during 9/10 tourneys in push-or-fold mode. Whee, soooo exciting, amirite?

  4. I always gind that people tend to play smarter in cashgames here in the Netherlands

  5. I definitely prefer cash games by A LOT. Tournaments really just feel like coin flips half the time, with constant all ins with marginal hands. It doesn't feel like real poker, it feels like luck with some people having slightly more luck (due to being better at the game)

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