Basic Poker Math – 5 steps to learn any poker game

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Basic Poker Math comes down to 5 steps:
1) How often you get dealt a hand
2) What your equity is hand vs hand
3) How often you are holding a playable range
4) How often you are facing a strong range
5) How much you should bet and how often that needs to work

With these steps you’d figure out the basic math in any poker game, whether it’s NLH, PLO or 2-7 Single Draw.

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Basic Poker Math – 5 steps to learn any poker game

5 thoughts on “Basic Poker Math – 5 steps to learn any poker game

  1. Why do people complicate poker with all this stuff, huh? 5 years ago, when I was learning how to play, I had to stop everything bc everyone was saying you have to have a good understanding in poker math in order to play winning poker. It took an hour, but I found the TRUTH. It is from Mike Caro. Pay attention to what he says. He says that having an intricate understanding of poker math WILL NOT give you an EDGE over other players. The two MOST IMPORTANT things to know are 1. Pot odds 2. Counting the pot. I am aware of basic odds such as 220:1 pocket Aces. 48:1 Flop 2 pair. 7.5:1 to flop a set if you hold a pocket pair. That is the extent of my poker math. I have been crushing 2/2, 2/5 and now 5/10 live for 4.5 years now. David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth started this crap. While some of it is useful, most is not. Again, Mike Caro thank you for helping me to not learn what I didn't need to know.

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