10 thoughts on “Beginner Poker Lessons with Daniel Negreanu – 1/3

  1. It's a shame that Negreanu's poker lessons are not really strategic lessons at all; and he's just explaining the rules, which anyone can do. Negreanu is one of the best pros in the world, but there are numerous pros who have made better strategy lessons.

  2. This is wrong u bet before three cards go on the table then they go out then more betting then another card and another betting then the last card and betting then showdown

  3. Best tips I know are: " be a better, not a calling station." "Know when to slow play", " know when force others all in", "understand the hand will develop over time", and "know when to fold and be aggressive when you don't" "know how to convincingly bluff"

  4. I still haven't learn anything from dealing the cards except the actions. I still dont understand how to compare the two cards we have to the community cards. The tutorial only shows community cards I guess.

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