Can PokerPastor be a High Stakes Poker Pro? – The Journey Episode 1

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In the debut episode of The Journey – Rob “PokerPastor” Gardner walks through the first week of his new deal with Ryan Laplante and Rob has signed a 1 year deal to be coached and staked by WSOP Bracelet winner Ryan Laplante, to see if together they can take Rob all the way to being a high stakes pro in one year or less.

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Can PokerPastor be a High Stakes Poker Pro? – The Journey Episode 1

7 thoughts on “Can PokerPastor be a High Stakes Poker Pro? – The Journey Episode 1

  1. good luck brother, I wish you well in this. I'll be keeping an eye out for your videos!!

  2. Not sure if I slate in under the peer or student. But SIGN ME UP!
    Iā€™m so excited for you man. Just wave upon wave of feel good and pride watching this.
    GL brother, you have all you need to succeed

  3. Soooo freaking proud and happy for you man!!!! I am extremely excited to see where this experience will take you and your game!

  4. It will be interesting to see the results of this tandem.
    It is not clear why everyone is happy for Rob, as for me it is so obvious that in case of a successful result, Ryan will receive much more.

    So I congratulate you Ryan and wish you success.

  5. What an amazing opportunity! Also what an inspirational series! Thanks for this content Rob and good luck!

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