Can You Still Make Money In Poker?

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Fedor Holz breaks down if Poker is dead or not. Can you still make money playing the wonderful game of poker?

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8 thoughts on “Can You Still Make Money In Poker?

  1. Sowieso rigged zumindest PokerStars was soll ich sonst dazu sagen ..bevor jetzt einer bullbad labert …1000$ für den der mir das Gegenteil beweist

  2. Yes you can if you will do what 90% don’t want to do (study etc.). I don’t like idea playing poker for money. Poker must be passion and money are just by product. If the money is first reason then ppl will probably fail. Then is better is find some side hustle or main bussiness bcs poker for money is rly bad bussiness. Start fcking ecom store or idk yt channel. If u put same effort into these bussinesses as poker u will be millionaire but in poker u will play with same effort NL100.

  3. Using this guy's logic shouldn't Lex Veldhuis be Crushing…

    I mean if Lex can't do it surely we the Schlubs cant.

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