Happy Thanksgiving! (DarkStar Blackjack) (2019)

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The primary purpose of this video is to thank all of my viewers, subscribers and especially patrons. I appreciate your support. I also appreciate comments both good and bad.

Terry said, “As a patreon member and one of his students I can honestly say my game has improved dramatically since taking his instruction, even before the patreon videos. I have watched Blackjack Apprenticeship and Wizard of Odds and both have good material but they can get tedious and its more pleasant for me to learn here.”

But Henry said, “This video is perfect if you run out of Ambien! I highly recommend it.

I am thankful for both! Have a very happy thanksgiving. Spend it with people you love.

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Happy Thanksgiving! (DarkStar Blackjack) (2019)

5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving! (DarkStar Blackjack) (2019)

  1. You have one of the best all around bj channels..A live counting session would put you ahead of the 2 dealer schools..they'er starting to attract a lot of attention, but they don't offer any counting. They just play regular bj. An hour or so of live audience participation counting during the week would be something to look forward too.

  2. Jen and I love the shout out! Its a very nice holiday gift. We went to the casino last night, used a ton of comps, and found this when we got back. Beats all the free food and drinks they gave us!

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