How I Study Using DTO Poker – Your Personal Poker Trainer

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In this video I show you how I study with the DTO Poker Trainer app by Dominik Nitsche and Markus Prinz.

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By taking the convenience of your mobile phone and pairing it with cutting edge poker strategy, super high roller Dominik Nitsche and Markus Prinz have created DTO Poker – Your Personal Poker Trainer. The result is a never before seen study tool that lets you train millions of postflop situations. As a poker training app for your phone or in your web browser.


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How I Study Using DTO Poker – Your Personal Poker Trainer

7 thoughts on “How I Study Using DTO Poker – Your Personal Poker Trainer

  1. This is pretty useless imo. Without understanding WHY you'll never buy into it. WHen i tried it and talked to support and asked why would gto state raise here? Is it because of blockers etc? I just got the response "Because the computer says so" "GTO states this" Well thats pretty useless to me – I need to know WHY gto computer says this for me to buy into it and incorporate it into my game – just playing gto with no understanding on why – doesn't work for me and frankly a wast eof time. Now if there were reasons behind these scenarios given- like you raise w 66 because it blocks your villian's value range for example i could get on board with that but this software doesnt do that.

  2. Hey bud! Is this GTO Trainer scenario – where you get 2 hole cards also available for DTO Preflop? Or can u just look at ranges there? Keep up the good work man!

  3. Thank you for the unlimited amount of hands you can play in your free version . Iv been playing poker for a long time . Iv never had a strategy or used any math ever . 3 months in im winning a little more consistanly and losing less when I do lose . Iv played 1400 hands on DTO . I never studied gto just learning from playing hands and figuring what I should be doing . I am at 50 percent of hands making the right decisions . How horrible or good or mediocre is that . No training accept just learning from trial and error . I see 70 and 80 percent on the leader boards

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