How To CRUSH Heads Up! GG Poker Final Table

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There are a lot of adjustments you need to make when you’re heads up on the final table!

In this video I look at a hand from the GG Poker Super MILLION$ between two high stakes crushers! I break down what you need to consider when playing heads up to help YOU start dominating your opponents and WIN TOURNAMENTS!!

Watch the full final table here:


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How To CRUSH Heads Up! GG Poker Final Table

10 thoughts on “How To CRUSH Heads Up! GG Poker Final Table

  1. What would YOU do with 9♥ 6♥ on the turn?

    Your Stack (BTN): 5,027,873

    Their Stack (BB): 6,279,647

    Pot: 2,092,480

    Board: 8♠ 5♦ 2♣ 4♠

    BB bets 690,519

    A) Call

    B) Raise to … ?

  2. I would have folded on getting reraised on the flop. Holding nothing you only lose 250k against he could have lost 3M!! Then look for a better spot. I prefer doing my maths that way, rather than what was clearly extreme risk. Sure you need to bluff some hands, but I prefer to bluff holding something as a bluff catcher, to give myself a tiny mathematical advantage, rather than just blind agression and hoping.

  3. Hey Jon, how much should I tip in a 1/2 game at Mohegan sun to the dealer. I know it varies but I was on a heater for the first time playing live and profited 1135 over playing 16 hours straight with a 30 minute break. And I was tipping the dealer and bar service like 5 dollars every drink/pot because I was slightly buzzed. Is 5 dollars too much?

  4. Hey boss, when you play live are you counting combos? I’ve noticed when you walk us through a hand you use mostly logic and reasoning to make your decisions. And rarely talk about counting combos and stuff.

  5. I really hate all options. Folding, calling and raising. (the flop decision was also very though although you/GTO knows it an easy call). I think yamming all in is my preferred option. We probably have some fold agrity and we do have 8 outs to the nuts in case he calls.

  6. This hand is basically our best bluffing hand that doesn't include a spade (a spade would be nice to have). We have 8 outs to the nuts and we can totally have sets and 2 pairs in this spot that want to go for it. Our opponent has used sizings that suggest a range of mostly one pair hands.

    I like calling because we actually have quite a lot of equity and IP we can blast some rivers.

    If we go for it, we have to go massive, like all in massive.

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