How to Adjust to a Tilting Poker Player

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If you want to learn how to adjust to a tilting poker player, you need to start with learning which type of tilt your opponent is experiencing and adjust from there. Let’s discuss!

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Every poker player tilts differently. It’s easy to imagine the stereotypical tilting poker player who is overly aggressive and shoveling chips into the pot.

It’s also easy to exploit this type of aggression, you continue to allow them to bluff and call down extremely light.

This isn’t the only type of tilt you can take advantage of.

Poker variance can be scary, some poker players experience the stress of poker swings and go into their shells (turtle tilt, as poker pro Phil Galfond says in today’s poker advice clip.)

You take advantage of this type of tilting player through aggression of your own. If they are going to ‘nut peddle’ and only play extremely strong hands your poker strategy simplifies, barrel and attack until they show resistance.

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How to Adjust to a Tilting Poker Player

10 thoughts on “How to Adjust to a Tilting Poker Player

  1. I usually adjust to a tilting player by going completely card dead and missing every flop

  2. I had to rite myself from an Extreme Tilt the other day. It's nice to know I can real it back if I have to.

  3. Big misconceptions about tilting players.
    Tilting players don’t last long before they’re broke and leave. This doesn’t mean you’ll get them heads up. It doesn’t mean you’ll catch a hand against them. Is doesn’t mean that you’ll get past the gauntlet of other players on the table, who are are also cognizant of the fact. It doesn’t even mean you’ll win.
    So what the gurus are neglecting to tell you is: You’ll have a situation where’s likely 60/40. And you don’t need a titling player to have those odds if had just played your normal game.
    Obviously if you have a premium hand you’ll ‘catch him’. No bad Sherlock. People often get wrapped up trying to ‘get him’ that they often get involved in big pots vs another good player and after the clash😊 one of them will get his ass handed.

  4. Hey Phil. If you remember me, I was the guy in your Livestream that said he got 6 final tables in January after watching your videos. So far as of may I'm chasing #16 In micro stakes. I would love it if you did a video or short talking about variance in poker and how life relates to it and if hours = long term investment/profit.

  5. I don’t consider playing tighter “tilting”. Tilting means being upset, usually connotes loose, poor judgment

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