How To Build And Use A Simple And Effective Poker HUD

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In this video, I show you how to build a simple yet effective poker HUD from scratch, for free, using Hold’em Manager or Pokertracker. I go through the entire process from initial setup, stat coloring, and font choice. I also tell you how to use each stat in actual play. The main theme of the video is to inform you that HUD use is but one piece of the puzzle when it comes to playing strong poker. Gameflow, reads, and recent history play an even more important part than what HUD stats might tell you. In fact, the best way to use a HUD is to identify various player types at your table so that you can effectively plan your hands and table select for optimum situations.

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How To Build And Use A Simple And Effective Poker HUD

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  1. Hey Jim, I have a mac and have installed PT4. I'm currently struggling to set up the tracker, how do I make the PT4 work with a mac and Bet Online? Thanks!

  2. I dont understand english so well. – Can u explain simpel, what diffrent numbers means, and what i should do, if the numbers says.. Does it make sense?

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