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In this video, you learn how to cut chips like a professional, casino dealer would in a poker dealer school. We take you step by step through the motions of how to cut a stack of chips. Below are the concepts discussed in the video.

A full stack of chips is 20 chips of any denomination. Breaking down stacks of chips is for verification for the players, poker employees, and surveillance.

$1, $2, $5, and $100 chips, are broken down in increments of five to make them easier to count. Five $1 chips = a stack of $5. Five $2 chips = a stack of $10. Five $5 chips = a stack of $25. Five $100 chips = a stack of $500.

$0.50, $25, and $500 chips, are broken down in increments of four to make them easier to count. Four $0.50 chips = a stack of $2. Four $25 chips = a stack of $100. Four $500 chips = a stack of $2,000.

A lot of the time, dealers must be able to count their banks by counting stacks of 20.

Twenty $0.50 chips = $10.
Twenty $1 chips = $20.
Twenty $2 chips = $40.
Twenty $5 chips = $100.
Twenty $25 chips = $500.
Twenty $100 chips = $2,000.
Twenty $500 chips = $10,000.

Learn how to cut chips with both hands. Cheques is another name for chips in casinos.

How to cut a stack of 20 chips:

Cut with your index finger instead of your thumb and cut the chips toward your forearm. With $5 chips, pick up all except for 5 chips. If you leave 4 chips, just drop one more. If you drop all except for 6, just pick one up and so on. With the remaining stack of 15, bump it into the stack of 5 with your index finger raised up and your pinkie down on the felt opposite your index finger. Then prove the stack with your index finger by sliding the tip flat on the top of the stack of 5 toward the stack of 15 until it picks up all except for 5 chips. Bring that new stack of 10 chips to the felt in the same direction as you did last time and bump and prove again. That will leave you with 5 chips. Bump them, and then prove them as well. Next, splash that last stack of 5 chips to verify that all the stacks are the same. Clear your hand, and then pick up the splashed stack of 5 chips. Prove them once more, and then pick the chips up with your index fingernail down on top of the chips and you are good to hand them off.

Make sure to put the time and effort in to learning how to do it correctly. In a poker dealer school, you would go over this for hours in a row until you have it down. Cutting chips correctly gives dealers a much better chance of getting hired in an audition.

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How to Deal Poker – How to Cut Chips

10 thoughts on “How to Deal Poker – How to Cut Chips

  1. Thanks Mark. I learned how to shuffle and pitch in one day for a gig I found on CL today. It was a HS fundraiser for their sports program. A Texas Holdem Tournament with lots of boozed up Booster Clubbers. I have never been so "under the gun" in my life. However, due to learning the shuffling and pitching (albeit rudimentary) I was able to bluff my way through it. I don't think anyone knew that I couldn't shuffle to save my life before today. I bought a cheap deck at Wal-mart and ripped every corner on them in about two hours. Once I got to the Tourney and practiced with the pro cards I lit up!

    Thanks for the great knowledge. I think you've inspired me to add another trade to my Tool Chest. Tonight was loads of fun, and I'd like to take a professional course. I live in Ventura, CA if you have any recommendations.
    You have the best information on Youtube. Thank you.

  2. Started a dealer class this week. This videos have been extremely helpful!

  3. Do you have a video on how to spread out different chips for certain buy in prices? Also what happens if a player doesn't have even small chips to call a bet so he has to get more small chips from the dealer

  4. The problem with Poker, the chip handling skills go out the window. Most of the time there's cards in one hand. To be very food at cutting chips Craps and Roulette are the games.
    Poker should never be the first game someone learns, there will be too many habits to break later on.
    As a Poker dealer, your chip handling is OK.

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