The Only TFT Guide You’ll Ever Need.

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Today’s video provides you with a guide to help you better understand how to play Teamfight Tactics. TFT is a lot like poker in the sense that there’s RNG elements involved, but it’s still an incredibly skill expressive game. Make sure you work on understanding it instead of chalking up all your losses to “bad luck” 😉

Thanks for watching, good luck in solo queue, and have a wonderful day!

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The Only TFT Guide You’ll Ever Need.

10 thoughts on “The Only TFT Guide You’ll Ever Need.

  1. The cool thing about TFT is that since the pool of champions is shared if one build of champions becomes strong everyone goes it and steals from eachother making it bad.

  2. when we have gotten so far that when people say TFT they mean "teamfight tactics" and not "The frozen throne" 🙁

  3. Thanks Gbay! You always make great guide videos that are open ended enough to provoke creativity.

  4. i struggle making 3 stars, this one guy got it in like round 7, RNG confirmed, items too…. game is very RNG

  5. Sorry looks to me like u dont really understNd the game u just have subs and are going for bank with the views

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