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One blackjack strategy is to double down. Our gambling expert explains what that means and when to do it in this video. Knowing when to double down greatly increases your odds of winning.

In an earlier we went over some basic strategy for Blackjack. Now we’re gonna go into how and when to double down. We have three players here, each with $200. And we got one player here with an 11, one with a soft 17, and one with a pair of fives. Versus a dealer’s four showing. And so how the player will double down, he’ll just put up to his original bet right next to the hand. One card gets dealt. He only gets one. And the idea here, is that with the 11 he’s expecting a 21 out of his hand. So he’s trying to bet for power versus a card that’s considered weak for the dealer anyway. So even if he doesn’t make his card, right now his odds are still looking good. So in the cases here, we’re gonna do that with all three of these guys. Here he’s got a soft 18. And then with the pair of fives. A lot of times new players will want to split a pair of fives. You never want to split those, because it’s better to just play it as a regular 10. With this hand here, he’s got an 18. Dealer has 14. He busts with 24. And instead of getting paid once, you get paid twice. So now everybody gets $400, and everybody’s happy. Any time you have a chance to get more money on the tables when the dealer is weak with a low card or you’re really strong with 10 or an 11, you’re always gonna want to double down. And that’s what’s gonna give you your edge at the tables.

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When to Double Down in Blackjack | Gambling Tips

10 thoughts on “When to Double Down in Blackjack | Gambling Tips

  1. I thought you had to have a 9, 10, or 11 in order to double down. How does the middle player double down with an ace and a 6?

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  3. 11 ALWAYS
    10 Against anything less than 10
    9 Against Dealer 3-6
    8 or Less, do not double because even 18s are not quite good enough in Blackjack

    Soft hand doubles, see the 6-deck 3:2 chart as that gets a little more involved

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