How to Master 3-Betting in 5-Card PLO

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Learn how to master 3-betting strategy in 5-Card PLO with hand examples and 5-Card PLO Trainer.

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00:00:00 AKJ98
00:24:10 KKTT3
00:30:50 AQ984
00:36:35 Q9865

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Hey my name’s Fernando Habegger, aka JNandez. I’m a professional poker player and head coach of the PLO Mastermind. On this channel I’ll show you how to potentially make money playing online poker, specifically Pot Limit Omaha. If you’re looking to learn Omaha poker strategy and get better at PLO, you’re at the right place!

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How to Master 3-Betting in 5-Card PLO

7 thoughts on “How to Master 3-Betting in 5-Card PLO

  1. Thank you! Your content is the best. Once I am a bit more profitable I will be joining PLO mastermind for sure.

  2. 58:00 I can bet this is not correct 🙂 In 6-max, the ranges at some nodes might be very narrow, and you are much more likely to be mixing. In HU you may play literally all your hands, including all side cards, and at every spot you are much more likely to find the combinations of side cards that lead to pure decision. I can't say I am 100% sure, but my best guess is that you are either not running the code long enough (should run longer for HU then for 6-max), or it is much harder (in general) to find the exact equilibrium since ranges are very wide.

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