How To MEMORIZE Your Poker Ranges?

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Poker charts can be overwhelming and challenging! James and Chris break down how to dissect these charts and tips for memorizing them. They discuss how raising ranges will fit into your overall strategy.

0:00 Good morning
0:40 How are you memorizing these poker range charts?
3:29 Remember these ranges are a tool to help you, not an end-all-be-all
5:25 Tips for how to actually memorize these ranges
9:20 Poker is challenging
10:50 Preflop is important, but only a small part of your overall game

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How To MEMORIZE Your Poker Ranges?

6 thoughts on “How To MEMORIZE Your Poker Ranges?

  1. I really like these short videos, its awesome to have some quality content between the podcasts!

  2. Hi, I accidentally clicked dislike, I think I removed it, sorry about that. I love your content TYSM. <3

  3. I miss 2 million in poker together, i don't know if i should continue to play poker, but I really want to become a winner, a semi-pro-poker maybe, becasue I really love poker. i play 25/50/100 in pokerking most of the time ,I have a coach also in recent 3 months.he teach me some GTO and OVN courses and pndv, I mean ,the big data ananysis in poker … but I lose more in recent sessions, i have played over 200,000 hands in over 2years ,I am lost in poker.I think I am a big fish if look at the result ,a totally loser. I do not know what I should to to.. improve my poker skill? or give up foever.

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