How to Play GTO Poker Strategy

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Here’s a quick video where you can learn how to get started with GTO Play in No limit hold’em. In this video I share some insights into how to play GTO and Game Theory Optimal – GTO Poker Strategy. With all the talk about GTO today, I decided to review a hand where I believe taking unconventional lines in the name of balance and game theory will pay dividens long term. I’d love to hear your thoughts on GTO vs. Exploitative Play. Which is the better poker strategy in your opininon?

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I also pick hands which are sent to me from readers like yourself to give you actual feedback on your specific questions.

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How to Play GTO Poker Strategy

10 thoughts on “How to Play GTO Poker Strategy

  1. I probably would have made a 1/2 pot bet just to get info if anyone else has anything worth staying in. I would probably have called. On the turn, I would put in the pot and then went all in because he couldn't' have a better kicker. I do get beat with full houses just like this at times and it bad. I think the thought process makes sense other than the continued betting should have been a sign to stop and think they could have a huge hand and need to see those full houses when two of a kind are on the table already.

  2. So , villain calls pre / CR wet F / B turn – HE GAVE U 3:1 HERE – OOP – WITH WHAT HANDS WOULD HE DO THAT ? ( regarding the SPR )
    So , your raise here is getting called by better holdings ( assuming villain is no fish )

  3. Why call the $75 turn? If the villain wants another card, it's going to cost him another $100. Get $$ in now so if he's going for flush n misses, he can't fold cheaply.

  4. I lost the stack…. I didn't have him on 9's. But if playing more hands live, if he was a Nit, then i am less aggressive.

  5. Well this is typical of where I fail most , set type hands and the not wanting to fold , calling what might be their bluff just to find they had the nuts

  6. Btw, from a Microstakes PoV, Alec's deduction regarding the Flop reraise is actually reversed. If you big bet if first villain has a draw and calls it induces calls from second villain. Honestly, for $1 this happens all the time regardless of buyins. Small bets work good sometimes as it gets pure over cards to fold (player dependent). However, betting small invites check raises all the time with everything from back door str8s with overs to weird bottom pair hands. I would advise a check here on the flop, but not for the same reasons as Alec. I would check all my hands here (except when I think I can get an instant fold) just to try and induce a bluff and to get a better feel for the board, with the plan to check raise the turn, whatever it is, and fold to a re-pop, and check-back rivers, probably fold depending on how board completed and my feelings regarding the villain and his past actions. Not a successful pro, so take my thoughts as they are; in the end, in Microstakes, these spots are so so dependent upon how you perceive your opponents and your own table image it is just insane. Just go in with a plan, even if it's a bad plan, and you should do okay. Obviously running into 99 is weird but it happens.

  7. I think he must be super good at reads or be charmed or have some kind of magic powers or has just been very lucky in his career. This dude is not good at, at least not good at explaining, Poker..
    Maybe he has sick live reads???

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