Poker Strategy: Polarization Leads to Two Impossible Calls

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Crush Live Poker owner and lead instructor Bart Hanson discusses the concept of “polarization” by looking at two near impossible calls that he made in a recent @liveatthebike $5/$5/$10 game.

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Poker Strategy: Polarization Leads to Two Impossible Calls

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Polarization Leads to Two Impossible Calls

  1. Great vid. Whatever happened to Harry and that Josh goatee guy? Are they both banned for shady stuff?

  2. Turbos large bet on the flop into two spades seems like he doesnt want draws to continue. Would you agree that a large bet like that gets rid of spade draws?

  3. Mister Bart the poker commentator has very Polarized explanations, he seems a troll, but sometimes I really think that he believes what he's saying

  4. That's why you're a pro. I wouldn't have bet the river vs Turbo. Great call!

  5. This video seems like one long exercise in mental masturbation. Sounds like Ryan Feldman had his commentary spot on and he did it in about 19 fewer minutes…

  6. Blocking some of his bluffs makes that a pretty easy fold, you need to be right more often than you claim due to this fact. The concept you're teaching is definitely really good though.

  7. I’m so tired of hand history, bad now in days people do all kinds of bad. He should’ve have folded on the flop.

  8. I think the difference between the two hands is that Barry is less polarized than the guy in the first hand, and Barry's line makes a lot more sense for the hands he is representing. In the first hand the guy is repping exactly the nut flush and there are few combos of that which make sense given his turn check. Barry is representing a lot more combos of non-nut flushes and his call, call lead line makes a lot of sense for those hands.

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