10 thoughts on “How to spot a poker tell in SECONDS! #Poker.

  1. Super mega clickbait title. Good hand but zero awareness about identifying, quantifying, and developing reads/tells. Good luck tho keep going more questions are the answer better questions perhaps

  2. He is filming pretty low if someone else was watching the feed they could possibly get information and then relay it back to him with either a device in his ear or some sort of vibration

  3. I would just assume he had a pair, regardless of the order of his card.
    Maybe the bottom card would be his high flush card.. but i wouldnt go staright to that.

    And why you betting river if you are reading a failed flush.. check raise him.

  4. i don’t see the purpose of the river bet at all, you most likely have the best hand so you don’t need to turn your hand into a bluff, and you’re really not getting called by worse

  5. I love people who can "spot a tell" but don't know how to play poker. If you "Surely put him on clubs its an obvious check on the river.

  6. Yeah let's spot a tell that he's on a draw then when the draws completely brick, let me bet into him taking away all opportunity for him to bluff😭. Great poker. I bet you really thought you had something when you posted this video.

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