I WIN THE POKER MASTERS AND $197,600! | Poker Vlog #489

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I WIN THE POKER MASTERS AND $197,600! | Poker Vlog #489

10 thoughts on “I WIN THE POKER MASTERS AND $197,600! | Poker Vlog #489

  1. As I sit here waiting for the video to start..watching these ads w/o skipping..Reflecting on how Rampages journey has reached an Apex of sorts. Skies the Limit Ethan!!
    Salute !!

  2. Now I wonder what all your naysayers are saying now? I have been watching you since almost your beginning and I can confidently say, I have never seen more boldness and brilliance develop in such a short span of time. Keep up the great work and excellent quality videos.

  3. Amazing. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your incredible achievement. Love your content.

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