How To Study Poker Optimally (Ft. GTO+, PokerCruncher)

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In this video I elaborate on a technique for getting the most out of solvers. Rather than simply backwards rationalizing solver strategies, I advocate for using solvers as a way of verifying our own thought processes.

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Pranav Ahluwalia, GTO, Poker Cruncher, Solver, Building Ranges

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How To Study Poker Optimally (Ft. GTO+, PokerCruncher)

10 thoughts on “How To Study Poker Optimally (Ft. GTO+, PokerCruncher)

  1. Thanks a lot for this, very good video and channel! Could you elaborate what Amazon WorkSpaces type you use? (any info regarding this would be of help, as I am a total newb regarding AWS)

  2. Is GTO+ available on mac? Their website only has product for windows….how did you get it working on mac?

  3. Hi ! May I know how do you find what kind of 184 flops to enter into the solver and let it solve?
    May I also know what are the settings you put into GTO+ bet sizings build tree page ?
    Im unfamiliar with solvers , but different bet sizings can also affect the solver results if im not wrong , so im confused what sizes should i put into the bettings when Im trying to solve spots.

  4. I like your approach, thx for the good content! Does anyone know how one is able to do that kind of rationalizing / building their own call/fold/reraise range on flopzilla with different colors? I would love to start working like that with flopzilla…

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