How to Study Poker: Using ICMIZER 2 for Calculations

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In this video Gripsed teaches you how to get your short stack play perfect! Thanks to the powerful software ICMIZER, you can see mathematically just how profitable shoving with certain hands is and just how profitable calling with certain hands is.

No longer do you have to try to work things our with a Pencil and Paper, ICMIZER takes all the brute force work out of the picture so you can simply click ‘calculate’ and learn from the results generated.

By the end of this video you will have a good idea of how to use ICMIZER, so that you can move beyond push/fold Charts and really adjust your shoving and calling ranges to every unique situation that presents itself. But that’s not all…

Gripsed also discusses the additional factors that software’s simply can’t factor into their calculations. These intangible factors that only a human intelligence can understand are what really takes the decision making process to an elite level. Learn to let the machines work for you, while also doing your part to figure out the perfect play for every tournament poker situation!

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How to Study Poker: Using ICMIZER 2 for Calculations

10 thoughts on “How to Study Poker: Using ICMIZER 2 for Calculations

  1. Would you guys like to see more videos like this?
    Let me know, Please and Thanks!!!

  2. Signed up and received ICMizer 3 months licence…ICM "Replayer" & "SNG Coach" are locked…so, not the whole program?

    And, you copy & paste hand history from Poker Tracker…does this mean we have to have Poker Tracker to use ICMizer? Thanks

  3. My favorite video… Make more like this gripsed..If possible…After watching this I realize this is where my game is lacking.

  4. I might try to incorporate ICMizer into my studies. Currently doing very well using SnapShove Pro for Nash along with adjustments for player tendencies and # players in hand. I'm already pretty good with regard to seeing pace of bubble vs my stack and mitigating risk, but there are always ways of improving.

  5. next level my ass icmizer dont work cause your dealing with real people not a computer simulation that play the same ranges pre flop. You have to understand how opponents play not what ranges some computer tells u they think is best to push. If your paying money for it its cause those guys that made it aren't winning in tournaments using it so they sell it to the public. Stuff that does work for poker poker players have specially made by software engineers and they pay 6 figures for this personal software they use that actually works at beating other poker players. Just realize if any poker software does work to actually make a serious profit they wont be selling it they will be to busy making money on the tables using it. IF it snot free your just giving money to poker players that couldn't make money on the poker tables.

  6. at 9:21 it shows how dumb you are.. Everything you said is irrelevant. The relevant things on making that decision u didn't even bring up. I am surprised you even have customers. These guys dont make any serious money at poker so they make poker sites to make money. You can look at even former top players. Galfond didn't make money for like 6 years now breaking even online so he made a poker site to make cash flow, so did ivey down 9 milllion last few years has a poker site. All these poker sites and people sellign software used to play poker but can't beat the games. I only say this to help out the poker community I know guys who paid lot of money for poker training to be ripped off and be even worse at poker from the training and i hear someone tell me about some product i go to look and the guy talking about it is not a poker pro and has no clue the real questions you have to ask yourself when making proper poker decision. I helped people at poker and never asked for a dime from them cause i make money on the tables I don't need to train people for cash flow. The real crushers don't charge people anything for training cause they are making 6 figures every year.

  7. is that you? haha playing micro tournies bud? 85 thumbs up from must be your own you tube id names. Can't believe how many noob wanna be regs actually think this guy is explaining this correctly.

  8. 2:05 this question annoys me. Does villain have a limp range? What stage of the tournament are we at (is icm or pay jumps affecting decision)? Is it a satty?

    You needed to be clearer with the meta game variables. We can’t just view this in terms of nash.

    In a pure Nash winner takes all this is an easy as love call

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