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Equilab is a more powerful version of PokerStove. This free poker software allows you to calculate equities, explore ranges, and even see how ranges hit the board. SplitSuit shows you around the interface giving you tips to become more efficient and a great analyzer. Make sure to download and start playing with Equilab today! …



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How To Use Equilab (Free Poker Equity Calculator) | Poker Quick Plays

10 thoughts on “How To Use Equilab (Free Poker Equity Calculator) | Poker Quick Plays

  1. TT and shortstack losing is ridiculous! Video would be far better if it shown rundown and opponent having AA, as it actually happens in life on Stars')

  2. Memorizing possible range of hands vs any given hand seems like a looooooooot of work. Would take forever to calculate every combination

  3. guys who knows how to use equilab trainer? I cannot understand what's the point of it….. my mental math can't cope with equilab, what is it suppose to train me with?

  4. James,
    I love your videos man. They have taken my mind (meaning how I am now thinking about the game) to a whole new level. Where I thought I had plateaued and was not sure what next to learn, videos like yours and a few other guys have shown me just how much more I have to learn about this game, but I love learning it, and love the game. That said, what advice do you have for putting the opponents on a range? I tend to play pretty low stakes buy in tournaments as I am just starting out, and frankly, the players I play with have no "ranges" they are not thinking players, so they literally could be playing anything from any position…This means it would be a total guess pre flop what they are holding. I mean I have seen people call three all ins with J4 suited and that same person call three all ins with AA, so it would be very hard to put those types of players on a specific range.

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