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Preflop combos are a great way to visualize a player’s range and also put simple mathematical backing to a variety of plays. Learn how to count combos, understand the density of certain hands within an entire range, and improve your knowledge of basic hand reading. Combinations (and permutations) are part of statistics and you can learn more about their usage (in a non-poker specific context) here: by Khan Academy

or this article by The Math Forum:

For much more information on combinations and how they pertain to poker specifically, check out this full video from ThePokerBank: …



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How To Use Preflop Combos | Poker Quick Plays

10 thoughts on “How To Use Preflop Combos | Poker Quick Plays

  1. my brain hurts a little but i get use to it i hope, i just dont think i will have time to think at that moment :p

  2. After watching this video again (recommended by ChipXtractor) I understand it better now and think it's really cool. I knew what the word blocker meant before, but never realized the importance of them in reference to combos. Toward the end of the video, as you put into perspective the amount of combos that make up each portion of the AK & QQ+ range, it becomes clear that having just one ace in hand eliminates a good portion of those combos. Cool stuff and thanks again. I wanna get good at this. Peace.

  3. I just look at the fold to 3bet percentage and the break even bluff math. The rest are feel based. If you have enough experience. You won't need this. This is for people starting out in Poker. I've played over 300K in a life time. I've been a constant winner.

  4. how can you assume villian's combo count correlates to his fold rate or fold percentage. You assume too much, like what cards villian plays, or has preflop. I am a winning player and have never considered villian's fold rate as it is based on contrived stats on fold percentages. Your point is probably better kept simple, use your stats to determine percent you need to win to be in the pot. That is easier done with simple formula; 4 times outs on turn, 2 times outs on river. If pot odds > hand odds, then play. Your method is too slow and difficult for real world live game.

  5. i often play in 6 tables at a same time .is this ok ?i often have no time to analyse the hand properly

  6. do you have a more advanced video on combos that gets into blockers and using blockers to help fing good bluff spots…ect… thanks!!

  7. I don't understand this concept at all. But from reading the comments it seems important. Can you explain it very simply for me without the math? I already use pot odds and am a pretty decent player I just want to know how I can incorporate this.

  8. Wow, I was a math physic major, though I still find this stuff fascinating, it's not difficult to understand, but it's still brilliant an beautiful.

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