HUGE MULTIPLIER SPINS with bigbluffzinc!

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BBZPoker head coach bigbluffzinc hits some huge multipliers from Spins. See how a seasoned pro tackles this unique game format and employs his practiced strategies!
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HUGE MULTIPLIER SPINS with bigbluffzinc!

8 thoughts on “HUGE MULTIPLIER SPINS with bigbluffzinc!

  1. HU 18BB deep 6x iso v limp and C a shove with 87s is indeed a thing in GTO preflop charts.. even with 76s and 64s, 54s some freq.

  2. Only watch to see how bad you play. Always on mute nobody can listen to that arrogant voice

  3. @BBZ I’m playing the $535 $1,000,000 guaranteed tournament online this weekend any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thank you for all the content you the Man!!

  4. 5:54 – 5:57 check check check check check dont think ive ever heard someone say check that many times haha nh hand though!!

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