Good craps strategy? The Do and Don’t method.

Craps Strategy Video Information:

A discussion on the strategy of coming from both sides of the game.

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Good craps strategy?  The Do and Don’t method.

5 thoughts on “Good craps strategy? The Do and Don’t method.

  1. Have you ever seen a player use the doey dont, then after a point is established make a Come and Don't come bet ? Then lay max odds on the number ?

  2. You briefly mentioned getting rated. Can you do a video on what a casino looks for in rating the players?

  3. If you play do and dont and take odds on passline bet you now have a odds bet with no house edge.

  4. as a craps dealer/box/floor, i appreciate your knowledge, however you can win on doey/dont……i have NEVER lost a $200 bank 2 hour session with a strategy i came up with, that always win every shooter. and by the way it includes the field and hopping the seven, stay away from the 5,6,8, hopefully you have enough knowledge to figure out what i do…. here is a clue,
    start hoppin 7 $3 for five rolls, then start to increase bet as needed to recoup all losses and show a profit, then reset strategy after a 7 rolls, you will never lose if played properly

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