I won MILLIONS With These Live Poker Tells

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The Pokercode founder and CEO Fedor Holz breaks down how live poker tells helped him to win millions at the poker table. Do you use live tells to make your decisions and have they helped you in the past?

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I won MILLIONS With These Live Poker Tells

10 thoughts on “I won MILLIONS With These Live Poker Tells

  1. From the perspective of a 50+ year old male, I LOVED this video. But disagree with most of the theory! You're obviously more accomplished than I am, but many of us old guys have adjusted to the game. Build pots on draws retaining fold equity, know when to bail, and bully the weak into folding with 45o. Keep up the good work!👍😎

  2. I have been playing live and studying tells for 15 years and this is the most intelligent, well thought out, video that i've ever seen. Brilliant bro

  3. ahahaha, the last thing you said, when people drink while they are all in or made a huge bet river is a thing that I've done multiple times both with value or bluff; I might me a master in reversing tell. However I have enjoyed this video and all the precious advices provided.

  4. If someone is talking a lot in a hand they are always bluffing, from my experience

  5. My biggest tip is take your time, just think and keep looking at the player. Talk to them, ask them questions. Sometimes people will flat out tell you their hand without even realising it.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this and being honest and generous. Respect. Interesting and entertaining!

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