Session 3- Poker Strategy Trio (Role of Position)

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Dead$$Mine is looking to become a one stop shop for all poker coaching needs.
This video is part of a multiple video series that we are making to teach people the game of poker FROM SCRATCH!! If you have not watched the previous part, please check that out using the following link:…
Time Codes:
0:00 – Intro
1:13 – Recap
1:55 – Poker Strategy Trio
2:46 – Role Of Position
6:27 – Significance of Position
10:04 – Applying Positional Advantage
12:19 – Conclusions
17:11 – Outro

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These concepts have been learnt from gripsed poker training. While I have not copied their work at all, I have built of their video itself. Hence, I feel that I should Link them as well.

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Session 3- Poker Strategy Trio (Role of Position)

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