Learn How to Bluff Correctly

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Bart covers a hand where he deconstructs how to properly bluff using a viewer submitted hand. Why is it so important to recognize preflop configuration, stack sizes and blockers?

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Learn How to Bluff Correctly

10 thoughts on “Learn How to Bluff Correctly

  1. What about pocket J. Could hero bluff all in with that hand? Or what about villain having pocket J?

  2. Id be interested to see this hand analyzed from the perspective of hero having KJ clubs

  3. In micro stakes tournaments or cash it most definitely wouldnt work , but against certain competent opponents which are capable of big folds i think it makes sense

  4. In a $2/5 game, I don't see many villains folding trips or better at the river when they lead three streets and take river sizing like that in a $532 pot. Bart is right, you have to know they can fold trips or straights, because that's the worst hand villain has here. I'm sure this kind of river bluff works far more frequently in $5/10 and higher…

  5. 175 is way too low.
    I will call that with J10, simply to catch missed flushdraws myself, and in that pot, its a profitable call.
    A queen wouldnt go 175 here, an ace would go 175, but the problem here is that then again, a good chunk of players will fire all in to push out the sizing that smells like an ace, and then you analed yourself by inviting players to do so.

    That sizing is ill logic

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