Playing High Stakes PLO at the Aria (JNandez Poker Vlog)

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From a recent $25/$25/$50 PLO session at the Aria Poker Room in Las Vegas. If you want to learn more about PLO then:

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Hey my name’s Fernando Habegger, aka JNandez. I’m a professional poker player and head coach of the PLO Mastermind. On this channel I’ll show you how to potentially make money playing online poker, specifically Pot Limit Omaha. If you’re looking to learn Omaha poker strategy and get better at PLO, you’re at the right place!

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Playing High Stakes PLO at the Aria (JNandez Poker Vlog)

10 thoughts on “Playing High Stakes PLO at the Aria (JNandez Poker Vlog)

  1. Jnandez: How to play AA and AKK in Vegas and win 200bb pots. But seriously, great editing. and still the best poker content on youtube.

  2. Thanks for all the comments, guys! Stay tuned for livestreams all this week. Black Friday Sale is officially on! Get in before Nov 27 to save BIG at

  3. I’ve played aria plo for about 18 months now in Vegas on and off. Never once have a I coolered someone in that way with top set against top two and a flush draw and hold. The aria has been the cruelest of poker rooms ever for me in plo. Games are mostly soft. It pains me to say this but at this point I’m bitter about seeing anyone running well and how it seems so easy for some. It’s the same winners everyday in that 5/5 rock game and I just never ever make a hand. Strong starting ranges, picking opponents wisely, following your logic, playing well but can’t ever book a win. Man it’s depressing already. Same clowns just back into the nuts every time against me

  4. Tell me your an online pro without saying your an online pro….. You table select based on temperature.

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