Playing in Position – Everything Poker [Ep. 03] | PokerStars

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Position is very important in poker, so learn how to play in and out of it in this poker how-to video.

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Playing in Position – Everything Poker [Ep. 03] | PokerStars

10 thoughts on “Playing in Position – Everything Poker [Ep. 03] | PokerStars

  1. -At about min 15, Pablo raises 300 with AQ and Ray Ray calls with 89 suited.
    -Pablo checks;
    -Ray Ray bets 400 and
    -Pablo folds.
    We are told POSITION was the cause of the win.

    BUT…Neither had a hand.
    So let's say PABLO bet 400 instead of checking.
    When it gets to Ray Ray, wouldn't he have been in the same predicament that he put Pablo in? Facing a good size bet without not even a pair or much of a hope. Wouldn't he have been likely to fold at that point?

    When Pablo checked, Ray Ray could not have been certain if the check was a slow-roll OR because Pablo had a weak hand, right?
    Since Ray Ray didn't have a hand, he might have folded, just like Pablo did, but, at least, Pablo had two big cards.

  2. Why oh why would you talk like this guy did? "Do you have something or or not?" "Oh, this time I have something." "I have Ace King suited." Whaaat? I mean, really why say stuff like that?

  3. I’m a good poker player until I lose a big hand and no matter how patient I try to be I always go on tilt🥵

  4. At the start of the hand, it's the UTG guy who starts, who starts at the start of a betting round? BB or SB? I think it's SB since it's to the left of the dealer but I just wanna clarify

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