Poker Plays You MUST Learn: Implied Odds

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Poker Plays You MUST Learn: Implied Odds

5 thoughts on “Poker Plays You MUST Learn: Implied Odds

  1. flopping a flush or straight draw isn't 4.5/1 or 20% … 11% for flopping a FD with JTS and 9.6% OESD… I don't understand why flushes are worth more then straights.. your more likely to flop a FD then a SD and once you do you have more outs to hit you flush… is it because there are more combos of like JT,T7,76(SDs) ( on 8,9s 4) then there are flushes likes AKs, AQs, KQs, ect…

  2. When you speak about not calling with sc unless at least 150bb to a 3x open are you still just referring to a utg open raise or a raise from any position? also i would imagine you wouldn't need to be that deep if there were callers ahead of you?  

  3. When calculating Implied odds do I compare the odds im getting to call the bet with the odds of making my draw on the turn or with odds of making my draw with 2 cards to come (Turn + River)? Im assuming just the turn since 2 cards would make call ranges twice as high without knowing how much turn will cost you if you miss the first card

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