Poker Strategy — How To Play Open Faced Chinese Poker

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Open-faced Chinese poker is the latest game of choice sweeping the high stakes poker world, drawing rave reviews and inspiring players to undertake marathon sessions. So if you are interested in playing this new sensation, here is a primer on how to play this new and exciting game.

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Poker Strategy — How To Play Open Faced Chinese Poker

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy — How To Play Open Faced Chinese Poker

  1. Nope, you'd have to have 2 straight flushes! Pretty much impossible lol. For Example you can have AKOJ10 of hearts and then AKOJ10 of spades then 999 in the top, that would be the best hand possible in open face!

  2. i know having two RFs is possible but doesnt the rule say the back hand HAS to be stronger than the middle?

  3. @weimondo the rules aren't official, but I assume you can, I mean they are equal, but yeah I get what your saying, good question.

  4. @weimondo – I believe the rules state they have to be of greater strength – and would having something like the club RF in the middle and the heart RF in the back also qualify?

    personally I think this is one of the those "house rules" scenarios, and I would say suits count for standard Chinese and not for open face.

  5. na, it really is RIDICULOUS to even bother discussing…buttt if you have a royal flush of spades(the best possible royal flush casuse spades are the highest ranked suit ) then theres no reason you sholdnt be allowed to have a Royal in the middle of a different suit….IN MY OPINION. waht a great game. are there any sites where you cna play for fun/free? anyone in south jersey wanna play for a buck a point?!

  6. The suits are irrelevant during poker rankings of hands — typically suits are only used in ties to determine high card for the button or the "Bring In" in Stud games. But in all other hand rankings, a Flush ties a Flush, a Royal ties a Royal, the suit is meaningless. They said the back had HAS to be stronger, but that's incorrect, it must be Equal or Stronger.

    You can have 9-high Straights in the Middle and Back, or Royal Flushes in the Middle and Back (and the Spades can be in the middle).

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