10 thoughts on “Poker ranges explained by Daniel Negreanu #shorts

  1. Bullbad daniel. We saw you do this many times ontv 15 years ago and even heard it since you talk a lot. And that is why you were and are so good.

  2. When you play a lot of cash games against drunk-rich bluff-machines you don’t think their hand range is in the box. They raise with any two cards in any position anytime.
    All you can do is wait until you get a good flop or try to read them when they bluff.
    They often get runner/runner luck on the river by the way. Massive raise early position with K4o and you call or raise them with AQs.
    The flop is obviously Q44
    Hand range? Tell me about it. 😂

  3. it may have become more intellectualized today but no way that's true that all possibilities weren't considered 20 years ago. That's a curious statement from Negreanu.

  4. I think he has that. Or I think he has that. Those are ranges. That includes ranges. If he is just learning this. Than He is dumb.

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