10 thoughts on “How to lose EVERYTHING playing poker in 30 seconds #TexasHoldem #Casino #wsop

  1. ….you should have shoved post flop and just took the pot down then…..instead of min raising basically….you let him get there cause it bet sizing sucked……come to hard rock Cincinnati…..plz plz.. 😂

  2. Hey once again I don't think you record at running aces either 😂 but what do I know I only play there

  3. One time I turn 3 10's with an Ace kicker, but the river makes it 4 to the straight and 4 to the flush. When I reveal my hand and fold he's dumbfounded and starts asking the dealer for my money from thr river bet. I explain to him I folded and he "doesn't understand how that's possible"

  4. Running Aces!?!?!?! Wtf. Hard to make enticing context from a $100 spread limit game but GL GL

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