Practical Tips for Dealing with Donk Bets in Poker

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In this video, I’m going to share with you some practical tips for dealing with donk bets in poker. There’s no need to be afraid of donk bets – with a little practice, you can learn to deal with them easily and maximize your poker strategy!

0:00 — Intro
2:07 — Preflop
2:54 — Flop
7:10 — Turn
8:38 — River
10:52 — Hero’s decision
11:38 — Reveal

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Practical Tips for Dealing with Donk Bets in Poker

10 thoughts on “Practical Tips for Dealing with Donk Bets in Poker

  1. I effing HATE 10 J of clubs! My first time playing poker at the casino, I had 10cJc, flopped trip 10's, got it all in on the turn, vs. 10 8. 8 on the river! 🤬 I stood up, and said, "I thought that bad only happened on Full Tilt." The entire table busted out laughing hysterically, including the dealer! So, at least I left them on a positive note. Lol
    I've lost 2 other huge pots with it, under similar circumstances!

  2. I am a bad player, and I donk bet when I flop like 2 pair or a set, but there is flush draw or straight draw showing. I am always fearing the monster under the bed.

  3. I'm a winning player in 1/2 because I get value with medium strength hands on scary boards. Sometimes I get value owned, but the guy with K9 missed a lot of value. The caller is almost certainly calling half pot on the turn and river…

  4. Gotta be careful with donk leads on a wet boards bc those are the types of boards where strong hands want to play fast

  5. Donk bets are almost always for protection on draw heavy boards. With a flush and straight draw on the board he is basically announcing that he has a top pair kind of hand with no draw prospects. Top two is probably about as strong as a donk bet hand gets, maybe some players will donk a set but often not because they can get a full house redraw and they expect more value from non-draw hands if the draws miss.

    Since caller has the Ac it's good to bluff against the donk when the front door flush comes in. You can expect him to fold to a pot size or slightly smaller bet and also to berate you for chasing draws.

    The wild card is the button, who might actually have a draw (but obviously doesn't here unless it was 67 non clubs). If you raised the flop like Bart said you would have a better idea of what is going on with the button (or he might fold), and you still might have enough left to bluff the donk better when the flush comes in.

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