The New York City Poker Scene

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The New York City Poker Scene

10 thoughts on “The New York City Poker Scene

  1. Hey Blake, Randy from Miami, Im in NY city right now, can I swim by. Invite me to a home game please. Or maybe just give me a live tour of beyond tells.

  2. Commerce Casino had a poker school the Commerce Casino University of Poker (CCUP) for 9 years & had hundreds of students go through. They just stopped it two months ago. So it did work in California – just FYI

  3. I moved to TX and poker in NY was difficult to find a game that was “safe” I’m an hour away from 2 casinos now. It’s such a change. I don’t Mind driving an hour I was used to the 2 an half hour- 3 hour drive from NY….

  4. This guy is a penis. Never saw him at any game here in Manhattan. If you want a real documentary on the REAL NYC poker scene from back in the day – The real story of that murder is in this documentary –

  5. "We Never Gamble" is a dumb slogan, since you regularly talk about gambling in this video.

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