Tricky River Spot in a $25/$25 Cash Game

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Weekly Poker Hand #278: In this hand, Lexy Gavin shows the importance of protecting your checking range, especially against aggressive opponents!

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Tricky River Spot in a $25/$25 Cash Game

10 thoughts on “Tricky River Spot in a $25/$25 Cash Game

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  2. I strongly think you raise the turn with your two pair. Aren't there lots of draws that can call? Or worse two pair?

  3. what the hell is with the onesie / footie pajama bear outfits they are wearing? was this filmed during halloween??? lol

  4. The top pair marginal kicker nugget was something that tingled my ears when I heard it, ty Jonathon one less mistake I am going to make as long as I can determine what my oppt is opening with from that applicable position, wide range vs tight range… thats a really good nugget in helping deciding when to c-bet or not i have been c-betting flops like this thinking i am pricing out draws but being called down by players with tight ranges… looking back I was just c-betting to c-bet instead of c-betting based on oppt tendencies… thats was really helpful sir!!!

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